Tsvetelina Yaneva was born on October 5, 1989 in Plovdiv. Prior to starting her solo career in May 2008, she worked as a professional singer for 2 years in the popular band “Orpheus”, where the director was her father Georgi Yanev and the solo singer – her mother Pepa Yaneva.

Since she was a little girl, Tsveti has been performing on the stage with the band. The singer initially started her career by performing folklore songs, but eventually orientated towards pop and jazz music in her teenage years. The reason for this turn of events was the fact that, in Tsveti’s own words, “Bulgarian pop music underwent no development whatsoever”. The beauty with a fantastic voice made her debut in July 2008 with the hit ballad “Stolen Love” (originally “Открадната любов“); a song that amazed even the most famous and provocative star in the Bulgarian show business – Azis He stated that Tsveti’s voice was the strongest one he had ever heard. In mid-August, Tsvetelina Yaneva and her band left for Budapest to perform at a big pop and jazz festival.

Tsveti’s success was recognized, when the artist was awarded the prize for Debut of the Year 2008. Not too long after that, New Folk magazine (сп. „Нов Фолк“) acknowledged the singer by giving her the Breakthrough Artist Award for 2008. Tsvetelina didn’t cease to work hard throughout the whole 2009. In 2010, the singer took an award at the annual Planet TV (Планета ТВ) Awards (for the hit song “Three Minutes” („Три минути“) feat. 032).

As the only extremely successful young artist, Tsvetelina was invited to take part in the biggest nation-wide tour, along with some of the most reputable and established singers, focusing on what she does best – live performance. That undoubtedly made her the new favourite artist of the public.

Right after the tour, the singer recorded a duet with the Romanian child prodigy Ionut Cercel. The duet song “Enter” („Влез“) turned into a great hit in just a few days and the Arabian-themed video, shot at Boyana Film Studios, received the award for Best Video of the Year 2010. Towards the end of the year and just before winter, and right on the singer’s birthday – October 5, she released her debut album – “In the First Place” („На първо място“), becoming one of the best-selling albums of the year. On Christmas Eve, she released the ballad “Come on, Make me Cry” („Давай, разплачи ме“), featuring the renowned Turkish clarinetist Husnu Senlendirici.

Fully deserved, she won the award for Most Progressive Artist at the annual Planet TV Awards. Later on, she received the award for Most Prosperous Young Artist at the New Folk Magazine and Romantica Radio Awards, as well as for Debut Album of the Year. In April, Tsvetelina Yaneva shot the most romantic video in her professional career up to that moment. The shooting of the video took place in the world fashion centre – Milan. The name of the song is “Trouble me” („Притеснявай ме“). An interesting fact is that some of the scenes were shot in the hotel suite, where Giuseppe Verdi had spent the last years of his life.

She continued working and making her fans happy, not only in Bulgaria, but throughout Europe, as well. In 2011, Tsvetelina got an invitation from Rida Al Abdullah, an extremely popular and award-winning singer from the UAE. Their song “Count me in” („Брой ме“), created by the Romanian hit-maker Costi Ioniță, turned into an absolute hit in both Bulgaria, and the UAE. “Count me in” took the award for Best Video of the Year, thanks to the director Nikolay Nankov, who works exclusively for her.

In 2012, Tsvetelina Yneva received the award for Best Folklore Album – “Daughter of the Song” („Дъщеря на песента“), on which she had worked with “Orpheus”. She was also awarded for “I Can Again” („Мога пак“) – Best Pop Folk Album of the Year, which became the most important event of the year, because Tsvetelina was the first pop folk performer to carry out a full live concert with some of the best pop and jazz musicians.

Tsvetelina Yaneva is one of the few artists in the music business in Bulgaria, who always puts music first. That’s why she prefers to work with her own team, which undoubtedly includes the best composers, song-writers and scenic artists.